Your Company’s Culture and the Impact on Performance and Profitability

The culture in your business is a measurable quantity. Performance levels, energy and intensity are key elements in your company’s current culture. These can be quantified. A focus on tactical actions that affect the performance, people and alignment within the organization are essential to increasing profits.  Profit is the outcome and measure of how well a company does in all things, including the actions of the people, the internal energy generated in the culture, performance, understanding, alignment and advancement. Your people are the core resource of your company. As a leader, do you inspire and advance performance growth?

Mis-Aligned or Underperforming People

Are you concerned about the performance levels in your company? Underperforming people tend to blame others or internal situations, and usually have no personal accountability for what they do (or don’t do). “Do it because I say so!” – will have no positive outcome. Owners could be viewed as ineffective, unwilling to listen, disconnected, or are not acting in a leadership role that inspires performance advancement. This is true in family-owned businesses, privately held corporations, and many other organizations.

Advancing Performance: Understanding Your Company’s Culture

Your company is an intelligent organism, and must be evaluated and understood from this perspective. Successfully shifting an organizational culture begins with evaluating the organism and the opinions of those within it, on a completely confidential basis, with the right questions. Only then can a strategy be understood, developed, executed and advanced to instill energy, advance performance and lead to personal accountability. This transformation will lead to quantifiable results.

The objective is to maximize the positive elements of the organizational culture, while increasing performance growth. There is a natural outcome of an increase in profitability. Companies that require rules, regulations and standards as a way to regulate and manage people and outcomes to the minimal defect and error rate are companies destined to create a cultural disconnect. When individuals say people are valued, but actions do not support the words, you inhibit performance advancement. People, your core resource, can be regulated and managed, with very temporary results.

What is the common language of the culture to inspire and advance performance in the people that define your culture? An owner observing low performance, lack of energy and focus and people that have no personal stake in the company’s success must make smart decisions. The first step is to accurately identify the internal barriers to sustainable performance.

A shift in the existing culture to an environment in which all of the people are aligned in purpose, and are personally driven to high level of performance naturally leads to profitability. A spirit and culture that includes a company-wide engagement in achievement can transform your company.

Growth Smart Business

How do you shift a culture that has lost its intensity, drive and energy to an aligned team that is engaged, effective, and focused on performance? When people within a company begin to fully understand, acknowledge and measure how they contribute to profitability, they have taken the first major step toward owning personal accountability and the performance of the company.

How will you make the transition from being a tactical “doing” leader to a thinking advancing leader? Your people, culture, performance and profit require you to know the answer. Profitability is the sum total of the aligned actions of the people in your company. Without engagement, alignment and personal accountability for performance advancement, there is no long term sustainability.

When profits falter, or are stagnant, sales results don’t equal sales expectations, or the owners are focused on internal problems, it is time to make the smart, effective decisions. It starts with an analysis, based upon the objective understanding of your current culture. The energy and engagement of the people in your organization is your greatest untapped core resource.

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